LENOVO T420 42366Y1 Intel Core i5 2.50GHz 8G Ram Laptop {Integrated Graphics}

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Model: {!Inventory__c.Model__c}
Tested To: BIOS
Processor: {!InventoryElectronicItem__c.ProcessorModel__c}
Processor Speed: {!InventoryElectronicItem__c.ProcessorFrequencyGhzTotal__c}
Memory (RAM): {!InventoryElectronicItem__c.MemoryCapacityGB__c}
Hard Drive: {!InventoryElectronicItem__c.Hard_Drive_Capacity_GB__c}
Graphics Card: {!InventoryElectronicItem__c.VideoCardVendor__c} {!InventoryElectronicItem__c.VideoCardModel__c}
Optical Drive: {!InventoryElectronicItem__c.OpticalDriveType__c} {!InventoryElectronicItem__c.OpticalDriveModel__c} {!InventoryElectronicItem__c.OpticalDriveVendor__c}
Screen Size: {!InventoryElectronicItem__c.Display_Size__c}
Ethernet: Yes
Bluetooth: {!InventoryElectronicItem__c.Bluetooth_Present__c}
Wireless Network Card: Yes
Touchpad: Yes
Fingerprint Reader: {!InventoryElectronicItem__c.Fingerprint_Reader_Present__c}
Webcam: {!InventoryElectronicItem__c.Webcam_Present__c}
Battery: {!InventoryElectronicItem__c.Battery_Present__c}
Power Charger: No
Installation Disc/CD: No
Details: This laptop has been tested and is in working condition BUT DOES NOT INCLUDE A BATTERY, HARD DRIVE, HARD DRIVE CADDY, COA STICKER, OPERATING SYSTEM OR POWER CHARGER. The unit may have major cosmetic blemishes that are noticeable but do not affect its functionality. Examples include, but are not limited to the following: heavy scratches, dents or cracks in the top, bottom, sides or corners of the case. The keyboard, touchpad, and palmrest may have heavy wear, including print worn off multiple keys. The screen may have some noticeable marks, scratches and/or multiple dead or bright pixels when powered on.
Missing Components: Hard Drive/Hard Drive Caddy/Operating System/COA Sticker/Power Charger/Battery
State: {!InventoryItem__c.QualityControlState__c.}
Warranty: 30 Days